The Event

The tournament is located in Murray Street Cootamundra. We construct 8 beach volleyball courts on the road and have 2 permanent courts.

In 2023 we had 135 teams. In 2024, we will increase this to 166.

Coota Beach is a 6 per side mixed competition. You can only have a maximum of 3 men on the court at one time.

If injuries result in your team not being able to field a minimum of 6 players, you must inform the registration area.


We do not require teams to have numbers on their shirts. We do ask that teams have the same colour shirt with their team name on them. If your teams is going fancy dress, we ask that there is a common theme.

Every team plays 3 games on Saturday and a minimum of 1 on Sunday. If you win on Sunday, you continue. 

If you are placed in A-Grade for Sunday and you lose your first game. You get a second chance as your team drops down into A-Reserve. If you lose after this, you drop out of the tournament

Alcohol can be consumed at Coota Beach but there are some important things to remember:

  1. There is strictly no glass bottles or other glass containers allowed in the Coota Beach Facility. Security will check bags and eskies.
  2. Police will be patrolling the facility and checking ID’s. There are some serious consequences of underage drinking. You have been warned.
  3. Coota Beach is a family event. There is nothing worse than intoxicated idiots spoiling others funs. You are not cool. Its sad.
  4. Remember that every team gets 3 games on Saturday. If your team is too intoxicated to play properly, you are totally disrespecting the other team.

You need to go to the registration area 30 minutes before your first game to complete any required paperwork. You will be given a wristband to wear during the weekend. If you are under 16 years old, you will need a guardian to sign on your behalf.

The Courts are marked 1 to 10. 1 is at the Northern end and 10 is the last permanent court. 

We are on a tight schedule with games. Games go for 20 minutes. Teams swap ends after 10 minutes. We then have a 2 minute turn-around before the next games start. Please be at your designated court 10 minutes before you play.

If your team looses your game on Saturday you must provide a referee for the next game on that same court.

On Sunday, if your team wins, you need to provide a referee for the next game on that court, unless the committee directs otherwise.

A Scorecard will be placed on the referees stand prior to you starting your referees duties. Please complete the scorecard during the game. After the game, please double check with both teams that you have shown the result correctly. In the past, referees have mixed up the winner and loser. This obviously creates problems with the draw.

Please bring the scorecard to the registration area after the game and place in the designated holder for each court.

Sundays games are knockout, unless you are in A-Grade. Losing A-Grade teams in the first round on Sunday will drop down to A-Reserve. If you lose your next game in A-Reserve, you are out of the tournament

If there is a draw on Sunday, (meaning-both teams are on exactly the same amount of points) play will continue until one team leads by 2 points. 

All games will delay until the drawn game is concluded.

Please feel free to setup gazebos or other shade protection areas. Your structure must be securely anchored and in good condition. The committe holds the right to instruct a team to remove unsafe structures.


Minimum age is 14 as at 18th February 2023. Can this field restrict continueing with form if under age? Also, if they are under 16, they will need a guardian listed